About Us

I believe it is important to know the person that you’re buying from. I have been in the burl business for 35 years. Twelve of those years, I’ve exported to Japan (container loads of burl). When 9/11 took place, the export market for burl dwindled, forcing me to develop markets domestically. Thus, this website came about. Over the years, I have done my best in producing the best figured burl that’s available on the market today. I select the burl, harvest the burl, mill the burl, and sell the burl. Thus, I have a great understanding and appreciation for what my customers (people like you) are looking for. My philosophy is when you are happy, I’m happy. So let me prove to you that my product is what you have been looking for. My name is Lorin Sandberg, and I am looking forward to filling your Burlwood needs.